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Three Words For 2011

What is your new years resolution?  Don’t bother with one, because you never keep it anyway.

Chris Brogan has me thinking about something new this year. Instead of a new years resolution, come up with three words that are going to define 2011. Three words that can guide you though the year and provide a focus. Not long goals and objectives, just three simple words that resonate with you, and will help you make decisions. Here are mine.


Let’s face it, the last couple years have sucked. Business looks like it has finally started picking up in the last few months of 2010, but it has been a long haul and it has not been fun at work. It is time again to start having fun, play a bit more and enjoy work and family time.  For me that starts with a good work/life balance and training for my first triathlon.


Shout means something different to me than you might think, and in my head it prompts me to give that extra effort when communicating. I am by no means an extrovert or a type I personality. I use this blog, as well as my roles at work to try to keep people informed, share knowledge, and guide decision making. It does not mean getting louder or obnoxious, instead I want to continue getting my message across, find more campaigners, and more listeners. One of the best books I read this past year was Made To Stick, and I read it a couple times just to make it “Stick”. Along with the curse of knowledge, they discuss 6 ideas to get a message to stick. These 6 ideas really have me thinking more about messages I deliver so that they can be better received and followed though on.


I juggle a lot of different things. I find that I am always rushing from one thing to the next, with both work and family. I need to learn to take a break every once and awhile to savour the moment and enjoy it. Savour also has a good food connotation to it, since I am determined to start eating better and find some decent restaurants in London (where I can go play).  Just need to start shouting for a babysitter.

So there are my three words. What are yours?

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