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A Business Case For Corporate Blogging

Blogs are one of the best ways to get information on the web. There are millions of them in almost every category you can imagine. People who are passionate about something and writing about it. Probably people like me who never thought they would be blogging about anything, and are finding it fun doing so.

Robert Scoble blogged about the value of a blog and how “bloggers get smarter over time and they have more experiences to pull on”, whereas other websites get stale, people loose interest, discussion boards get stagnant. Bloggers, passionate bloggers, get better over time, they turn into better writers and refine their passion. I really like that post (and I also follow him on twitter to keep up to date on everything tech).

So how about blogging? Does your management team blog at work? Do other employees? Employees writing to each other, sharing ideas, current events, and problems needing a solution. Employees thinking out loud and asking for feedback. Blogging is a great way to define your expertise to your peers, knowledge share,  and it is an amazing way for management to communicate with employees.

I blog internally at work and our President records a podcast every 1 to 2 months. I am positive that communication has improved and that employees are getting more interested in social media tools. The blogs are captured on our intranet, and are not lost in a newsletter, or in someone’s inbox. The posts are there for anyone to read at any time, for someone to learn a bit more about me, and our business processes – and of course the application of social media at our offices.

I came across this video a little while ago and wanted to share. It is a funny story about internal blogging and one of its use cases, done by an ibmer who is part of a group within IBM promoting and evangelizing social media tools. Thanks to elsua for finding it for me – another great blog post on the business case for corporate blogging. Enjoy!

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  1. Damian says

    Love the vid. Love the blog.
    I have subscribed.
    Personally, I think you will find a critical shift 10 years after Generation Z and the latter part of Gen Y hit the working world. By then they will be middle/upper management and not using social media will be looked at with wonder.
    For now, the baby boomers still need to retire. There are not enough old dogs willing to learn new tricks…

  2. Todd Youngblood says


    Great stuff. I’m always hunting for examples like this because so painfully few business folks “get” the power of a blog.


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