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My Social Media Addiction

Like most Canadians, I celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend with my family. This involved a long drive north with 2 young kids in the car, good times, good family, and great eats.

Oh and no internet access.

4 days without internet access, some hardcore tweeters went crazy the last time twitter and facebook went down for a couple hours. My google reader had hundreds of new items yesterday for me when I opened it. My stack exchange site is ready, and I had a Google wave invite sitting in my inbox – and I just lost 4 days!

I’m not addicted yet – I still don’t have a wireless device, most of my fun is had after the kids are long asleep at home.

Today, I was sitting at an appointment waiting for 10 minutes, could have been writing a blog, or catching up on my feeds, or even tweeting from a mobile device. Well my birthday is coming up soon….

It is easy to get enveloped with Social media, there is so much information, so many tools, so much out there to learn – and yes this is learning for me. Learning about the tools that are out there, opening my eyes to how it is changing the world – yes the world! Everything from business executive blogs to IPhone apps that connect you with Kenyan refugees to do data checking. Social Media is touching everyone, and I believe everyone can use it their way, for their purposes – which is one of the great things about it.

As an engineer I have to devour as much information on a subject as possible, evaluate different options, and decide which is the best route to take, the best product to use. I learned real quick while doing technical design and programming that I could never know everything, but I still wanted to.

Which leaves me with my social media addiction. At least I concede that I can’t know it all, and I can blog about it. I just need to know enough to convince others of the value of social media for both business and personal use.

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