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How to Organise a Children’s Party

First off, this is not about planning a kids birthday party.  This is Dave Snowden (Founder of Cognitive Edge) talking about the three different systems that apply in nature.

  1. Chaotic Systems
  2. Ordered Systems
  3. Complex systems

Now stay with me for a second,  Dave takes the children’s party metaphor and describes how each of the above systems works, and while watching it, you can’t help but relate it to your work day, and it is quite comical.  It has got me interested in the application of complexity theory to our organizations, and to be honest I had to watch the clip a few times to understand where he was going.  I think everyone will agree that most of us strive for an ordered system, which in the end seems kind of silly when Dave presents it this way.

YouTube – How to organise a Children’s Party.

Great stuff!  He has 2 more videos up on his You Tube channel that are worth a watch as well.  He is also a great blogger and tweeter.

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