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Stack Exchange & Google Wave

Ahh the excitement is building. Stack Exchange in beta release, I am still waiting…

Also I heard today that Google is releasing accounts for their new Wave product.  I am convinced that Wave is going to transform the way we use email, IM and wikis, as it really combines all three of those tools!  It lets users work together on a “wave”, where they can discuss and edit the same page in real time, in deifferent languages even! In the presentation of the product earlier in the year, they also mention that they are going to make it available for enterprise configuration.

More on this – think about documents you write and review at work, and how many people provide feedback, emails, revisions, what is the current revision of the document? Document control systems have helped track revisions, wikis have helped with collaborative editing – but really don’t allow concurrent editing, Wave allows you, and who ever you invite, to work on a common page – at the same time.

Is there something wrong with me when I get excited over things like this?  I don’t think so, because I don’t plan on bidding on eBay for an account (not yet anyway). As of 4 pm today, there are three auctions taking place, up to $100 already on one of them.

Masshable is all over this:

Update: Good little clip on what Wave is:

Product demo from Google is below

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