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Social KM

Thanks to Luis Suarez for putting this topic back out there.  It reminded me of a presentation David Gurteen did, introducing KM 2.0 or “Social KM” back in in October 2007, and again in August 2008 at KM Brazil.   He does a great job of describing the differences between 1.0 and 2.0 in the enterprise, and the evolution of Knowledge Management to Social KM, focusing on the people. The slideshow is embedded below.  David also writes more about Social KM on the bottom of this page.

I personally love the term Social KM, as it ties Social Media and Knowledge Management together. Social Media is exactly what was missing when KM failed at many companies years ago. And in Luis’s post he proposes that Social Computing = Knowledge Management, and Knowledge Sharing is all about a successful combination of the best technology with the top notch business processes “managed” by the best talent you have got as a business: your knowledge workers. Your people!?!?

This is the stuff that gets me excited thinking about the endless possibilities for employee engagement and knowledge sharing in business.  It is unfortunate that so many organizations are still turning their backs on social media amongst its workers.  Those companies will start to struggle (if not already) as they loose the knowledge, morale, and engagement of their employees, which today more than over is a companies biggest asset.

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