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Just Do It

Ever had the feeling that you don’t have time to get everything done? There is too much to do, and just not enough time in the day, it is too easy to let the “big rocks” fall off the table, or spend too much time in Q1, (insert any other business metaphor you like). Or maybe felt like you were working on a hundred different things and getting nowhere on single one?

Blogging is one of those things that I always thought would be a good idea, but never could really bring myself to start. I recently came across this video on YouTube:

I have always had big thoughts in my head, with my mind racing constantly to figure out solutions to problems at work, home, wherever. Up until now I had not been able to pinpoint my passions, because I want to do it all, and when I sink my teeth into something, I like to see results, and see it through.

Seth Godin and Tom Peters made up my mind – It is a way to get my thoughts down, and just writing this makes me feel better! So now to figure out where to focus my energy, so I can provide value to someone out there, because random thoughts about everything really doesn’t help anyone out.

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  1. Ken McLaughlin says

    Jeremy – well said!


  2. Alix says

    It’s interesting how many books start these days from blogging. More than connections, I feel that blogs help you better understand yourself and the material/ideas/knowledge you are developing. I whole heartedly agree – blogging, putting yourself out there for consumption can only come from deep within.

  3. Brian Hughes says

    I agree, every person can quickly and efficiently give opinions, ideas and recommendations – we need to plan time to just do it. As Tom Peter stated – it will change your life. I do not know how I would survive in business without the connections, resources and support from the virtual connectivity that exists today. However, interactions are just as important, you need to choose wisely!

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