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Dan Pink On the Science of Motivation

Rewards? Do you think you do a better job if you are rewarded? Science says not a chance, business says of course we do. Dan Pink says “there is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does.”

Intrinsic motivators vs. Extrinsic motivators.
Autonomy, mastery and purpose vs. Carrots and Sticks.

Who wins?  As soon as a task requires even rudimentary cognitive skills, rewards actually hinder the outcome!

An awesome video and worth the 18 minutes.

People need to drive, not be driven!

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  1. Scott W. says

    That’s a great video Jeremy. Some day in our lifetime, let’s hope that’s how most businesses see things.

    This article by Paul Graham has a similar point, except it’s talking about blogs and open source:

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